How do I sign up to receive emergency alerts?

The Association does not have the means to provide you with this information. However, the City of Aurora has an alert system set up for residents. Sign up to receive emergency alerts here.

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1. How do I set up my trash and recycling service and request bins?
2. Where do I pick up my mailbox keys or get a replacement key?
3. Who do I contact to set up the utilities for my new home?
4. Who is responsible for snow removal?
5. Who do I contact if I am interested in volunteer opportunities?
6. Who do I contact about a dead tree or other maintenance issues in the common area?
7. How do I find warranty information about my house?
8. How many homes will Harmony have at completion (buildout)?
9. What hours are construction crews permitted to work within the community?
10. How do I sign up to receive emergency alerts?
11. Who do I contact about people firing off fireworks?
12. What are the community's leash and pet laws?