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  1. Neighborhood Advisory Committee
  2. Design Review Committee
  3. Social Events Committee
  4. Finance Committee


The purpose of the Neighborhood Advisory Committee is to:

  1. Address special projects within the community as identified by management staff, the Board, and/or the Neighborhood Advisory Committee.
  2. Assist with identifying matters of interest and concern to residents in Harmony.
  3. In consultation with management staff and/or the Board, determine whether to research matters affecting Harmony residents.
  4. Research prioritized issues.
  5. Prepare and present recommendations to the Board for Associatioin action.
  6. Provide an organized channel of communication between the Board, the community association manager, and the Association's residents relating to prioritized matters of interest and concern to residents in Harmony.
  7. Seek and rely upon professional guidance as appropriate.
  8. Hold open meetings as required by state law.
  9. Record decisions of the Neighborhood Advisory Committee and keep minutes for inclusion in Association records.
  10. Provide input to the Board on policies and procedures adopted by the Board and submit recommendations that the Board may consider for adoption.

The Neighborhood Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes and Agendas can be found by following the link below.

Neighborhood Advisory Documents