Snow Removal

Snow removal responsibilities for the Harmony community are split between the homeowners, the City of Aurora, the Harmony Master Homeowners Association, and the Powhaton Metro District No. 2. Following is a breakdown of who is responsible for snow removal in the various areas of Harmony.

Snow Removal Chart

  1. Homeowner
  4. City of Aurora

As a homeowner, you are required to maintain your property and the sidewalks bordering your lot. This maintenance includes snow and ice removal and landscape care. Corner lot owners are responsible for the sidewalks on all sides of their lot, not just the front side.

Reporting a Neighbor

To ensure pedestrian safety, the City of Aurora code enforcement officers respond to citizen complaints concerning the lack of snow and ice removal from sidewalks. Contact Access Aurora at 303-739-7000 with any snow or ice removal concerns. Please wait 24 hours from the last snowfall before reporting a violation. Please do not contact the Association to report a neighbor who has not shoveled their sidewalks as this is enforced by the City of Aurora, not the Association.