Metro District

Powhaton Metropolitan District No. 2.

Harmony is located within Powhaton Metropolitan District No. 2. The primary purpose of the District is to finance public infrastructure required by the development and to provide an ongoing governmental structure for the operation and maintenance of district improvements and facilities. The business decisions and governance are the responsibility of the District’s Board of Directors.

The Powhaton Metropolitan District No. 2 Board of Directors has hired CCMC to manage the daily administration and operations of your District. CCMC is responsible for the following:

  • Maintenance and landscaping of District-owned parks 
  • Landscaping of the common areas
  • Landscaping and snow removal in the common areas

Homeowners in the District will benefit from the construction, maintenance, repair, and replacement of the open space areas, natural areas, district-owned parks, landscaping, detention ponds, and other public infrastructures in the neighborhood. These improvements and maintenance expenses are paid through property taxes collected through Arapahoe County in the form of a mill levy.

Have questions or concerns about the metro district? Contact your District and Community Manager.